Accounting Services for Business Sale and Merger Transactions

The purchase, sale and merger of business entities is a complex process with dozens of important factors to weigh. Whether it is an IPO, a takeover or a managed purchase, FML has the expertise, track record and valuable insights needed to provide enhanced value to our clients, whether they are buyers or sellers, business principals or private equity players. As a smaller, nimbler firm, we provide the benefits of our experienced senior staff members and the ability to react and act with both speed and timely insights.

On the sell side, we provide expert pre-transaction planning (also known as sell-side preparation) to help clients amass all of the documents required to make the sale happen. We help you assess your standing prior to the transaction and offer counsel to improve upon it. The result is often a sizable reduction in both transaction time and stress; we are with you from the initial planning through exit.

On the buy side, we help you understand the value of your potential investment by completing a full quality of earnings review as well as a thorough financial assessment of the potential purchase. Our goal is to help you go into any deal with your eyes wide open and your risk minimized.