Construction Business Accounting Services

The construction industry can be a complex sector from a financial standpoint. Building projects, both large and small, come with their own special set of labor, materials and service costs, any one of which can change dramatically at any point in the process. Partnering with a financial firm like FML which can get to know your business and ensure you have the processes and controls in place that smooth out the many financial bumps in the construction landscape can make all the difference. FML has experience dealing with the accounting issues facing contractors, including accounting for long-term construction contracts and construction cost allocations, ensuring these issues and their impact on the financial statements are understood. We also have a practice dedicated to tax credits and incentives, including those related to research and development and historic preservation, both examples that impact companies in this sector. This is why many contractors look to FML as a valued partner to guide them during the growth and expansion of their business.

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