Tax Credit and Tax Incentive Services

Tax Credit and Tax Incentive Services

At both the federal and state level, tax credits and incentives are offered to promote job creation, specific business activity,  growth in certain geographic areas, and more. Credit opportunities arise from capital, personnel, or job investments, research and development activity, and employment-related training. In some instances, tax credits and incentives can be refundable or even sold directly to third parties, resulting in direct cash flow to our clients despite net operating losses. With these complex nuances in mind, we know that navigating all of the opportunities and requirements of credits and incentives can be daunting without expert help.

As part of FML’s proactive approach to tax planning, we are always on the alert for ways in which these credits and incentives can add value to your bottom line.

In the area of R&D tax credits, FML has more than 30 years of experience providing comprehensive consulting and compliance services. The solid working relationship we cultivate with our clients provides great returns in this particular arena, as we work with you to identify, quantify and substantiate costs and activities that are eligible for both federal and state R&D tax credits is our specialty. The R&D tax credit has benefited many FML clients’ businesses by helping to fund future advancements and operating expenses. We strive to provide our services in the least intrusive manner possible so that our clients can continue to grow their business and do what they do best.

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