Connecticut UPMIFA Rules and Accounting for Restricted Gifts – TANGO Webinar

By Amber Tucker, CPA, Partner, Assurance & Advisory Services
Aug 28, 2020

Watch FML’s Amber Tucker Director, Assurance & Advisory Services  and Ed Spinella, Chair of Tax Exempt Organizations Practice Group Murtha Cullina LLP as they present the latest on UPMIFA Rules as they relate to COVID and more. This webinar was produced in conjunction with TANGO on August 19, 2020.

In these challenging times organizations are increasing their ask of donors for contributions to support additional COVID related costs and various programs. The wording of the solicitation request can limit managements flexibility in the use of the funds. This session will go over suggested do’s and don’ts of what to say in your solicitation.

There could be unexpected accounting consequences depending on how you ask your donors for funding. There have been changes to how restricted gifts are presented but no changes to Connecticut UPMIFA laws. Attend this session to hear how the accounting of gifts has been updated and a refresher on the laws and regulations surrounding UPMIFA.