Foreign “Crypto Exchange” Reporting (FBAR) Due 10/1520180925220033

Foreign “Crypto Exchange” Reporting (FBAR) Due 10/15

FMLSeptember 25, 2018
(Extended Automatically from April 15th) Many U.S. Crypto Asset investors and companies may be subject to an often overlooked reporting requirement imposed by the U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). In General – “FBAR” Form 114 United States citizens, residents and entities are requi...
Tax compliance after M&As20171201102228

Tax compliance after M&As

FMLDecember 1, 2017
Elections, carryovers, and debt offer plenty of issues to track following either a stock or an asset deal. Accounting for merger and acquisition (M&A) activity is a common challenge for tax compliance professionals. Since each transaction can result in unique tax issues, a one-size-fits-all appr...
FML Sponsors the Connecticut Innovation Summit20160917083117

FML Sponsors the Connecticut Innovation Summit

FMLSeptember 17, 2016
Connecticut Innovation Summit, the signature event of the Connecticut Technology Council, is being held on Thursday November 17, 2016 at the Connecticut Convention Center, 100 Columbus Blvd, Hartford, CT.  Join us in honoring and supporting Connecticut’s technology companies to watch....
Valuation of companies and pricing of stock options20140305220314

Valuation of companies and pricing of stock options

FMLMarch 5, 2014
A frequent issue faced by early stage and high growth companies is how to determine the value of the company when granting equity based compensation. This issue is not new to management and boards, but as the accounting and tax rules have continued to focus on the concept of fair value and deferred ...
Audit vs. Review: What You Need to Know20140305220154

Audit vs. Review: What You Need to Know

FMLMarch 5, 2014
As a company grows and matures, it will likely eventually need the assistance of a certified public accounting firm (CPA firm) to provide some level of assurance on its financial statements. A management team’s discussions often result in the following question: Should we have an audit or review per...