We are dedicated collaborators,

who believe FML cannot fully serve your needs unless we first have a deep knowledge of your business, your goals, and your management style.

We invest both time and energy to get to know you and your business needs to develop the understanding necessary to help you get where you’re going, together.

Integrity and loyalty are our way of life.

Our mission is to provide quality service by fostering strong relationships in a results-oriented environment that achieves goals and the highest degree of satisfaction.

In other words, we put your business first. Always.

Who We Are

Jeff Fiondella, CPA20190709173333

Jeff Fiondella, CPA

Founding Partner, Assurance & Advisory Services
Frank Milone, CPA20190709163844

Frank Milone, CPA

Founding Partner, Assurance & Advisory Services
Lisa (LaSaracina) Willauer, CPA20190709144233

Lisa (LaSaracina) Willauer, CPA

Founding Partner, Tax & Advisory Services
Kevin Donovan, CPA20190708231829

Kevin Donovan, CPA

Partner, Assurance & Advisory Services
Brian Kelleher, CPA, CGMA20190708212641

Brian Kelleher, CPA, CGMA

Partner, Assurance & Advisory Services
George Riggs, CPA20190708203038

George Riggs, CPA

Partner, Assurance & Advisory Services
Bill Claffey, Esq.20190707230803

Bill Claffey, Esq.

Partner, Tax Services
Angel Li, CPA20190707221026

Angel Li, CPA

Partner, Tax & Advisory Services
Michael Trinks, CPA20190707212640

Michael Trinks, CPA

Partner, Assurance & Advisory Services
Dana Litwinka, CPA20190630123444

Dana Litwinka, CPA

Director, Tax Services
Matthew Soroka, CPA20190629124023

Matthew Soroka, CPA

Director, Assurance & Advisory Services
Mary Wisenski, CPA20190627124524

Mary Wisenski, CPA

Director, Assurance & Advisory Services
Andrea Harrington, CPA20190626124753

Andrea Harrington, CPA

Director, Tax Services
Amber Tucker, CPA20190625125653

Amber Tucker, CPA

Director, Assurance & Advisory Services
Lori Preleski, CPA20190530130854

Lori Preleski, CPA

Senior Manager, Tax Services
Nicole Belding, CPA20190529131516

Nicole Belding, CPA

Senior Manager, Assurance & Advisory Services
Justin Wilcox, CPA20190528131907

Justin Wilcox, CPA

Senior Manager, Tax Services
Deb Puorro, CPA20190527150153

Deb Puorro, CPA

Senior Manager, Tax & Advisory Services
James Goldkamp, CPA20190526151245

James Goldkamp, CPA

Manager, Tax Services
Bob Ribera20190525151653

Bob Ribera

Supervisor, Assurance & Advisory Services
Natalia Gontcharova, CPA20190525062110

Natalia Gontcharova, CPA

Manager, Tax Services
Yana Reiser, CPA20190524152616

Yana Reiser, CPA

Manager, Assurance & Advisory Services
Allison Seidensticker, CPA20190523153115

Allison Seidensticker, CPA

Manager, Tax Services
Vinny Fanelli, CPA20190522153945

Vinny Fanelli, CPA

Manager, Tax Services
Kristen Lo Giudice20190520154912

Kristen Lo Giudice

Supervisor, Tax Services

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